ZENsday Wednesday – Abstaining from Complaining

I forgot to post yesterday for Zensday Wednesday, but thought it could help a little with all the tension everyone is feeling with all the bad news in the world recently.

Try going 24 hours without complaining even once (even in your head). Start now…okay now. Well, whenever you start it, replace gratitude where a complaint would be. Even if you only last a half a day or an hour…it’s a start.

UPDATE:  I started this around 8:30am today and I must say that it’s like when you put a rubberband on your wrist that you snap whenever you have a craving for whatever you’re trying to abstain from.  Every time I wanted to complain, SNAP, I remembered to be grateful.  Okay, I remembered to not complain and THEN I tried to slip in gratitude.

It’s a work in progress, but I think I may have already changed my aura…wait, that might just be light reflecting off my glasses…whatevs, I will take it!  OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Let me know how your results turn out

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