Zensday Wednesday – Passwords to change it all around

Good afternoon, my Lovelies!  Hope your Zensday Wednesday is looking better than my hair looked this morning.  I can’t be held entirely responsible:  I hung out with Jazzy last night. She made the yummiest salad and a pizza that went perfectly with the wine we heartily drank  sampled.  It was a perfect evening, replete with a gorgeous sunset, some chatting on her balcony and lots of catch-up in her cozy, gorgeous digs as french musique played in the background.  This morning looked a little less picturesque.  My puffy eyes and my pillow head made sure I remembered I don’t live in a movie or a French cafe.  Oy.  

Back to hoping your day is going better than my appearance this morning.  

I read an article recently about a guy who started to make his passwords goals he wanted to accomplish.  Whether it was forgiveness or trip-planning, he began to notice that his perspective on things started to change.  Here is the link to the article.

Password Changed His Life

I started to think that if I did that, not only would I remember my passwords (I recently changed them all and I feel like I have temporary dementia every time I log in to something), but maybe, like the guy in the article, I would start to see my life a little differently.  Sort of a mind game to remember gratitude or will power or strategy or goals.  I have started doing it.  It is going well.  Sort of.  I keep forgetting EXACTLY what my goals are and EXACTLY what I want to bring in to my life (maybe that is the bigger problem, no?).  Funny thing about passwords…they like exactness.

It’s all a process anyway (life, love, this password experiment).  I just want to get better at remembering so that I can start to live with a bit more intention (and also so that I don’t get locked out from too many false attempts at guessing).

Maybe my password should be: iwillsorememberThistime123 – like hastags.  

I will let you know how it goes, unless I can’t remember how to log in here.


ZENsday Wednesday – Abstaining from Complaining

I forgot to post yesterday for Zensday Wednesday, but thought it could help a little with all the tension everyone is feeling with all the bad news in the world recently.

Try going 24 hours without complaining even once (even in your head). Start now…okay now. Well, whenever you start it, replace gratitude where a complaint would be. Even if you only last a half a day or an hour…it’s a start.

UPDATE:  I started this around 8:30am today and I must say that it’s like when you put a rubberband on your wrist that you snap whenever you have a craving for whatever you’re trying to abstain from.  Every time I wanted to complain, SNAP, I remembered to be grateful.  Okay, I remembered to not complain and THEN I tried to slip in gratitude.

It’s a work in progress, but I think I may have already changed my aura…wait, that might just be light reflecting off my glasses…whatevs, I will take it!  OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Let me know how your results turn out