Wrapped in Adventure

In the middle of a kondoing, cleaning extravaganza, I came upon some of my old writing.

Here is the lastest piece I found when I used to hang out with my acting classmates. It’s from 1998

The evening was so very strange




And yet not

Watched the models go by and pointed to those whose pasts we knew

We were unkind

But in the company of friends, it’s all so lighthearted

We remarked at how we were not part of the elite and began to eat food with our fingers

You knew so many people

You always do

And after told me how you really felt about them

And the laughter continued

We shimmed to the restaurant where cards hang on the ceiling and the salads are good

We sang and drank and you had shrimp or some shellfish thing that made me sick

We planned our next adventure for the night

If we had planned this on the phone, it never would have been as right as that night

And the laughter continued

We knew where to head

Dinah gave the word

We sang

You both indulged me with my passion for karaoke

Until the audience merged together and conversation took center stage

“Where are you from?” “What are you drinking?” “Hey, I’m singing here!”

You all faked shame and turned averted eyes my way to allow me to continue

It’s always about me

And the laughter continued

You both shared the conversation with a man who thought your laughs were from the Heavens

Dancing on pavement

Closer to nature with the drizzle of the Oregon night saying hello

And the laughter continued

Gerry Rafferty rolling me home on the 26 at 2:30am

When only the drunks are meandering home

I become dodger and rebel, but contemplative at that

If we had planned this on the phone, it never would have been as right as that night

My smile continued as I made my way home alone westward.

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