I Blued Myself

I was born a blonde.  I didn’t stay a blonde naturally.  But that didn’t stop me from continuing from being one.

My hair grows very fast, so keeping up with the maintenance meant I needed to go out often.  My checkbook couldn’t take it.
Then I found ways to go in for “Apprentice nights” where I pay next to nothing to have a student at fancy salons work on my hair.  The time commitment was too much (most of those salons were across town) and you would be in the chair for awhile.

I LOVED the people who have worked on my hair!  But I needed to at least try to color my hair myself.

A year and a half ago, I found the youtube channel of Ellebangs!  She is awesome!  And her tips and advice gave me the confidence to go at it on my own.

It’s been great for the most part.  I color, I highlight and I tone.  I use a toning shampoo when I don’t want to use developers.

The one I was using was great but when I heard about a new one that was more pigmented, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I tried it.  My hair felt fantastic, and oh yeah, it was blue.

Here is my vlog about how I color corrected my gunmetal grey to become a fabulous blonde with household items.

Hope this helps, and even if you don’t need the help, hope it entertains!

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